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Preconception Counselling

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Preconception Counselling

Preconception counselling involves comprehensive discussions and guidance provided by Dr. Ankita Mandal, a skilled gynecologist and infertility specialist in Kolkata, to individuals and couples who are planning to conceive, aiming to optimize their health and increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy.


What is preconception counseling?

Preconception counseling is a process where individuals or couples consult with a healthcare provider, such as Dr. Ankita Mandal, before attempting to conceive. It involves discussions and assessments to identify and address any potential risks or factors that may affect the health of the future pregnancy.

Why is preconception counseling important?

Preconception counseling is essential as it allows healthcare providers to assess the health status of individuals or couples planning to have a baby. It helps identify and manage any preexisting medical conditions, lifestyle factors, or genetic concerns that could impact fertility or the health of the mother or baby during pregnancy.

What does preconception counseling involve?

During preconception counseling, Dr. Ankita Mandal will review medical history, perform a physical examination, assess any existing medical conditions or medications, discuss lifestyle factors (such as nutrition, exercise, and substance use), provide guidance on prenatal vitamins and supplements, and address any specific concerns or questions regarding fertility and pregnancy.

What are the potential benefits of preconception counseling?

Preconception counseling offers several benefits, including the optimization of health and fertility before conception, identification and management of any existing medical conditions or genetic factors, guidance on healthy lifestyle choices, prevention and management of potential pregnancy complications, and increased chances of a successful and healthy pregnancy.

How can Dr. Ankita Mandal assist in preconception counseling?

Dr. Ankita Mandal, with her expertise in reproductive health, provides personalized preconception counseling. She conducts a comprehensive evaluation, provides information on fertility awareness, offers recommendations on lifestyle modifications, prescribes prenatal vitamins and supplements, and addresses any concerns or questions to ensure individuals or couples are well-prepared for a healthy conception and pregnancy journey.


Dr. Ankita Mandal’s dedication to preconception counseling ensures that individuals and couples receive the necessary guidance and support to optimize their health and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Her expertise in reproductive health allows her to address any potential risks or concerns, providing a solid foundation for a healthy and fulfilling journey to parenthood.

If you are planning to conceive and have questions or concerns, consulting with a qualified specialist like Dr. Ankita Mandal for preconception counseling is a valuable step to enhance your overall reproductive health and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.